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Sand Casting

With more than 60 years of foundry experience, Jade Trading can supply all grades of Iron and Steel Sand
Castings to 3 tonne. Using modern foundries, sand castings to a very high integrity can be supplied.

Jade Trading can supply Lost Wax Investment Castings in various materials.

Alloys that can be poured –
Carbon Steels
Stainless Steels
Iron (all grades)

Steels : All grades to 3 Tonne
Irons : All grades to 3 Tonne

Frequently Asked Questions about Sand Casting:

Are new items Sampled?
All items are Sampled, Analytical & Dimensional reports supplied.

Are Sand Castings Heat Treated?
All Sand Castings are supplied in a Heat Treated Condition to meet customer specifications.

What are the advantages of using a Steel Sand Casting compared to a Forging?
Easier Weldability
More complex shapes can be achieved
Mechanical properties are similar in all directions in a casting, whereas with a forging, the highest strength is along the length and decreases in other directions
Steel Sand Castings are designed to give less weight than a forging
Pattern costs are much lower than a Forging Tool
Castings can be supplied in any heat treated condition and machined where required.
Critical parts can be X-Rayed and / or checked by Ultrasonics.


Process of Sand Casting

Step 1: A wooden pattern is made in 2 halves.

Step 2: Sand with a moisture content of 1.2% plus a clay powder is poured over the bottom half pattern and rammed hard.

Step 3: Half mould is turned over and top half pattern placed on bottom half. Sand, as above is rammed to give a full mould.

Step 4: Mould is split, 2 half patterns are removed.

Step 5: Sand cores that form internal shapes are placed in the mould.

Step 6: 2 halves are put together and clamped shut ready for pouring molten metal.

Note for steel castings - To make a 10kg casting, a rule of thumb is that you need 20kg of molten metal.

Sand Casting Factfile

Over 7 out of every 10 castings made in the world are produced via the sand casting method.

The earliest sand casting recorded was made in China between 200BC and 200AD. This early casting was a cast iron cooking stove.

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