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Precision Machined Components

To help reduce your costs, parts can be supplied assembled ready for use.
Such an assembly can have many guises.

Plastic parts can be assembled together with precision machined parts. Valves can be built up and supplied ready to install or any other collection of parts that engineers may require.

Simple or complex assembled units can be supplied. This can include all metal units or metal and plastic parts.
Prior to assembly, any machined part can be produced to exacting standards, using modern machines.

These machines may be:

Turning – Where a cutting tool contacts against a revolving part.
This is normally a manual operation performed by skilled operators, used for producing essentially a bar that may be cone shaped, threaded, grooved or simply a series of diameters.

CNC Turning – Can produce the same parts on a Computer Numerically Controlled machine. Used for long runs of precision parts.

Milling – Horizontal and Vertical milling is where the cutting tool rotates and the part being "milled" can be manipulated to the tool or fixed and the tool moved around the part.

Machining Centres – Multi purpose machine tool with Horizontal and Vertical cutting tools with automatic tool changes when required, all computer controlled.

This type of machine would be used for long runs of parts where precision machining is required.
More complex assemblies can be cast, machined, assembled and delivered to meet your own production or service requirements.

Typical assemblies can range from Caravan Movers, to simple furniture wheels.

Send us a technical drawing of what you require: