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Metal Forging

Metal forgings are generally stronger than castings .  As with most cases of metal forming, there are various methods of making a forging. The method chosen will normally depend on quantity, complexity, size and specification.

The most common methods of making a forging are drop forging, hot forging, cold forging, open die forging (or hand forging).

Forging Methods:

Drop Forging – The forging shape is made by using a Drop Hammer to hammer the metal between 2 halves of a Die. This method is sometimes called Hammer Forging.

Hot Forging – Involves the heating of a Billet to a temperature high enough to avoid strain hardening.

Cold Forging – Carried out at room temperature for more simpler tasks like bending or punching.

Open Die Forging or Hand Forging – Billet is repeatedly struck between 2 flat or slightly contoured surfaces.The billet is constantly turned by the forge operator.

Our engineering forgings are created to weights of a few grammes to 1tonne and can be produced by Hammer or Press.

Supplied Forgings are:

All parts are supplied with any Forging flash already trimmed with any holes punched clear.

Send us a technical drawing of what you require: