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Gravity Die Casting

Die Casting is a versatile process for producing engineered metal parts by pouring molten metal into reusable steel dies.

Complex shapes can be produced by using Gravity Dies.


Common uses of Gravity Die Castings are:

• General Engineering
• Architectural
• Automotive
• Souvenirs
• Toys
• All shapes up to 5kg
• Aluminium and Zinc based alloys

Advantages of Die Castings:

• Complex shapes with close dimensional tolerances
• Little or no machining required
• Exact repeatability on many thousands of parts
• Very thin walls can be produced
• Low finishing costs

Parts can be supplied in a variety of finishes ranging from Raw Metal, Electro Polished, Zinc Plated to Machined and painted in Multi-Colours.

Process of Gravity Die Casting

Step 1: A die set is made with 2 halves.

Step 2: Molten metal is poured into the cavity of the mould using the force of gravity.

Step 3: The molten metal solidifies quickly.

Step 4: The mould / die set is pulled apart.

Step 5: The casting is created quickly.  The die set can be re-used and the casting can be reproduced quickly.

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