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Casting Services

Which type of casting do you require?

Engineers have been using metal castings for over 5000 years. Now we are into the 21st century, casting types vary from Man Hole Covers to Nuclear Parts.

Choices of metal specifications, dimensions and surface finish are 3 of the main decisions that need to be made
before the engineer / foundry can determine the method of manufacture.

Metal specifications and dimensions can be found in the 'materials' section.

Using a surface finish scale of 1-10, where 1 is the best finish,
the following results can be achieved

Lost Wax Investment Castings - 2
Shell Moulding -4
Sand Casting - 8

In reality, surface parameters are used to ensure the required surface finish is achieved.

Our Glossary page offers further explanation of our services and 'Foundry Terms'.

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