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Iron Castings / Forgings

Suitable applications for iron castings - automative parts (exhausts), railway, agricultural, general engineering, hydraulics.

Types of Iron supplied

  • Cast Iron
  • Ductile Iron
  • S.G. Iron
  • ENI Hard


  • Lost Wax Investment Casting (from a few grammes to 20kg)
  • Sand Casting – all grades to 3 tonne

To learn more about these manufacturing methods, please visit the Lost Wax Investment Casting and Sand Casting sections.

See 'specifications' for more information on Iron Castings.

Forklift Counter Balance Weights - Iron Castings
Forklift Counter Balance Weights - Iron Castings

Interesting Metal Facts:

Did you know that iron is formed in large stars and that the sun and many other stars contain considerable amounts of iron?

Did you know that the first time iron was used by humans (in ancient times), it probably came from meteorites?

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