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Copper Castings/ Forgings

Copper is one of the materials that we use when creating our castings. Copper alloys are very adaptable, have high conductivity (thermal & electric) and the material is anti-corrosive. Copper is also a very castable material.

Copper and copper alloy castings can be used for: engineering components, architectural features, sculpture, pumps, pipe fittings, railways.


  • Lost Wax Investment Casting (from a few grammes to 20kg)

Phosphor Bronze, Aluminium Bronze Services

  • Sand Casting

To learn more about this manufacturing method, please visit the Sand Casting page.

Please see 'specifications' for more information on copper castings

Interesting Metal Facts:

Did you know that aside from silver, copper is a better conductor of electricity and heat than any other metal?

Did you know that copper is considered our 'oldest metal' as it was used by humans 10,000 years ago?

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