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Aluminium Castings / Forgings

At Jade Trading, we offer aluminium castings as part of our services.

Aluminium castings are suitable for the automative industry, marine / aircraft engineering, domestic / commercial appliances and machinery.


  • Lost Wax Investment Casting (from a few grammes to 10kg)
  • Gravity Die Casting: Aluminium based alloys

To learn more about these manufacturing methods, please visit the Lost Wax Investment Casting
and Gravity Die Casting sections. For aluminium tolerances, see the tolerances section.

See our 'specifications' page for more information on aluminium castings.

Interesting Metal Facts:

Did you know that a lb of aluminium is equivalent to 2 lbs of steel in most applications?

Did you know that aluminium can be recycled without losing any of its natural qualities in the process?

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