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Global Casting Statistics (updated)

Pie charts and statistics for recent global casting and metal production.

This post has now been updated with more recent data from the 2011 census of world casting production. Please see the charts based on the new statistics below:


Global Metal Production 2011
This chart shows the world totals for metal production in 2011.










Global Casting Production 2011
This chart features the world’s top metal casting producers in 2011.










The AFC 2011 census shows that there has been an increase in global casting production of 7.5% compared to 2010.

Below are some pie charts we have put together based on statistics / latest trends regarding metal casting production.  Metal production increased from 91.4 million metric tons in 2010 to 98.6 million metric tons in 2011. Tons are based on the US unit of measurement where each ton equals 2,240 pounds.


Global Metal Production
This pie chart shows the percentage of each metal produced globally. Please note that all percentages have been rounded to the nearest point / figure.











Global Casting Production
This pie chart shows information based on the Top 10 casting producers in the world. Again percentages are rounded up or down.










All statistics are based on information / data from the 45th and 46th Census of World Casting Production by the AFS. This post will be updated / added to as more data becomes available.