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Casting / Forging Videos

Video Transcription:
Hi, now you've had a chance to look at our website, we hope you can see some of the benefits of dealing with Jade Trading - they are numerous.

We'll give you quality products when you want them, already machined and assembled together with substantial cost savings. When we receive an enquiry, we use our 60 years of experience to determine the metal specifications, method of manufacture and any other requirements that you may need. Once determined, this information is conveyed to our foundries in China who have at least 2 English speaking employees.

Quality is assured by only dealing dealing with companies that have a quality system to at least ISO:9000 standard. Annual visits to the foundry to conduct quality audits demonstrates our commitment to quality. Tooling and patterns are made by our Chinese toolmakers giving you further significant savings.

Samples will be supplied along with 100% dimension reports plus mechanical test certificates if you require them. Once samples are approved, production orders can be placed, again all controlled by us. Any part can be machined and assembled, giving you units delivered to your door ready for use.

Our Sheffield warehouse lets us hold stock meaning we deliver on time to your scheduled requirements. This facility can give you an important competitive edge by allowing you to quote shorter lead times and never delivering orders late to your customers.

To summarise, if you want investment castings, sand castings or forgings in iron, in steel or aluminium, give us a call. We will work with you to reduce your costs and increase your profitability. All you have to do is send us a drawing.
Jade Trading will do the rest.

Send us a technical drawing of what you require: