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Applications for different metal casting methods

This article offers some guidance on which casting methods are most appropriate for a particular application.

Each metal casting manufacturing process offers different features that make them specifically appropriate for particular industries. Below is an explanation of ideal industries / applications for each of the services that Jade Trading offer:

Investment Casting:
Applications – bicycles, cooling systems, computer hardware, engines, fuel systems, jewellery, motorcycles, pipe fittings, tools, turbine blades
Industries – aerospace, agriculture, automotive, aviation, commercial, construction, defence, dentistry, medical, oil drilling, plumbing, power generation

Sand Casting:
Applications – gears, handles, hinges, pulleys, pump parts, valves
Industries – aerospace, agricultural, automotive, defence, plumbing, robotics

Metal Forging – Hammer/ Press:
Applications – hooks, shackles, sprockets
Industries – aerospace, agricultural, automotive, general industrial, oil drilling, railroads

Gravity Die Casting:
Applications – engines, fire hoses, gears, propellers, pumps
Industries – marine, medical, mining, oil drilling, ornamental / decorative, sport, transport

Plastic Injection Moulding:
Applications – computer components, instrumentation, mechanical parts, merchandise, packaging, switches, spacers, toys
Industries – aerospace, automotives, commercial market, construction, dental, leisure medical, retail