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Advantages & benefits of investment casting, sand casting and gravity die casting

Each metal casting manufacturing method has a different list of features and benefits.  This article outlines these differences so that the reader has a better view on which is most suitable for their application.

Jade Trading offer a variety of casting services. Each method of casting has various benefits and is suited to different applications. Below are some bullet points outlining the advantages of each casting process.

Investment Casting:
• Intricate / complex parts can be cast (greater detail)
• High production rates
• Exceptional dimensional accuracy
• Variety of metals and alloys can be cast
• Very good surface finish
• Design versatility / flexibility
• Consistency of components / Repeatability
• Can produce castings for wide range of applications

Sand Casting:
• Metals can be cast up to the weight of 3 tonne
• Intricate / complex castings
• Variety of metals /alloys can be cast
• Gives less weight than a steel forging
• Lower costs than metal forging
• Castings can be heat treated and machined as required

Die Casting:
• Accurate repeatability
• Complex shapes can be cast
• Castings can be produced with thinner walls than by other methods.
• Easy to plate / finish – low finishing costs
• Usually no requirement for machining.
• Close tolerances